Drilling and Well Completion
Drilling Rigs (Semi, Jack-up, Drill Ship)
Permanent Downhole Monitoring System (World’s Highest Reliability)
Well Completion Equipment and Services
  • External Casing Packers (ECP)
  • Swellable & Inflatable Packers
  • Casing & Tubular Running Services
  • Fluid Circulating & Flowback Tools
  • Casing & Tubing Circulating Packers
  • Production Packer (HP/HT)
  • Sand Control System
Rental of Drilling Equipment (Blow Out Preventors, Pressure Control
Equipment, Drillpipe, Drill Collars, Tubing Handling Tools)
Mooring Services

Production and Workover Operations
Production Enhancements Services
  • Special Sealant Technology for Sealing Downhole Leaks
  • Thru Tubing Technology - Zone Isolation & Water Shut-off
Well Repair and Workover Services
(Option to use slickline deployment methods)
  • Slickline Re-perforation services
  • Permanent and Retrievable Tubing and Casing Patches
  • Bridge Plugs and Thru Tubing Services
  • Tubing Recovery and Cutters (Split Shots)

Training & Development
E-Learning Solutions
  • International Petroleum Industry Multimedia System (IPIMS)
  • Petroleum Online (In-depth Introduction to the Oil & Gas Industry)
  • Business Essentials
  • CMS Online
Petroleum Business Workshops
  • Private in-house or Regional Multi-company Basis
Training Services
  • Competency Management System (CMS)
  • Consulting Services

Geophysical Services
Land, Transition and Marine Seismic Data Acquisition
Seismic Modeling
Pre-stack Depth Imaging / Migration
Data Management Solution

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Drilling & Well Completion  
Deepwater Drilling
Downhole Monitoring Solutions (PDG)
Casing & Tubing Running Services
Rental Of Drilling Equipment
Surface & Downhole Pressure Data Measurement  
Production & Workover Operations  
Pressure Activated Sealant
Well Intervention, Workover, Remedial & Abandonment Operations
Training & Development  
Geophysical Services  
Seismic Solutions
Real-time Data Delivery & Data Management Solutions
Airborne Geophysics
Risk Assessment & Quality Assurance