Drilling and Well Completion
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Deepwater Drilling
NOSSB is proud to be associated with DIAMOND OFFSHORE, a leading deepwater drilling contractor who provides contract drilling services to the energy industry around the globe.The Company owns and operates one of the world’s largest fleets of offshore drilling rigs, consisting semi-submersibles, jack-up units and drill ship.

DIAMOND OFFSHORE has experience in operating in environmentally “hostile” areas West of Shetlands in the North Sea, the Gulf of Alaska, Straits of Magellan offshore South America, the South China Sea and the Bass Strait of Australia. In addition to frontier regions, DIAMOND OFFSHORE has demonstrated its ability to operate in environmentally sensitive areas such as the Black Sea and offshore California.

The Company’s deepwater drilling units operate in ultra-deepwater environments up to, and potentially beyond 10,000 feet. Its deepwater reputation has been forged through engineering innovation, operational excellence and highly experienced crews.

In the last two decades, DIAMOND OFFSHORE amassed valuable experience in new build construction and upgrades of deepwater MODUs.

Diamond Offshore has set numerous water depth records when operating in the deepest waters of the US Gulf of Mexico, North Atlantic Ocean/North Sea, West Africa, and the Campos Basin of Brazil. Diamond’s skills and experience has resulted in premier deepwater solutions for its clients worldwide.

When it comes to overcoming technical dificulties, Diamond’s can-do attitude sets the Company apart from its competition.

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