Geophysical Services
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Seismic Solutions
NOSSB in association with GLOBAL GEOPHYSICAL offers the latest technology, new state-of-the-art equipment, and leanest organizational structure in today’s seismic industry through a combination of innovation, responsibility and accountability of its team of the most experienced people in the seismic business.

In much the same way that doctors used ultrasound scanning to obtain images from inside the human body, we use sound waves to image the subsurface of the earth for the purpose of locating hydrocarbon reservoirs. We ‘excite’ the earth by introducing source energy into the ground and we record the resulting vibrations that reflect back to the earth’s surface. The recorded data is processed with supercomputers to create a detailed model of the subsurface that can be used by exploration and production (E&P) companies to identify complex subsurface structural and stratigraphic details which help guide them in their search for oil and gas reservoirs.

We provide Reservoir Grade Three Dimensional (RG3D®) seismic acquisition services primarily on a proprietary. The seismic data that we provide is processed and used to create highly accurate images of the earth’s subsurface. Exploration and production companies use these images to locate potential oil & gas reserves based upon the geology observed.

NOSSB in association with REFLECT GEOPHYSICAL offers services in the marine geophysical environment for the Oil & Gas Exploration. While Reflect’s specialty is in the shallow water segment, highlighted by its first vessel, the ION, which is able to tow four 8000m solid streamers and can enter into water depths of less than 10 meters it should also be noted that Reflect also operates 2D and 3D vessels that can service any need for Marine Seismic Acquisition.

Our Services
  • 2D Marine Acquisition
  • Shallow Water 2D Acquisition
  • Shallow Water 3D Acquisition
  • 3D Marine Acquisition
  • 4D Marine Acquistion
  • Ocean Bottom Surveys
  • Seismic Data Processing Services

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