Geophysical Services
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Real-time Data Delivery & Data Management Solutions
NOSSB in association with PETROLINK provides real-time data delivery and data management solutions to the oil and gas industry. These services allow geoscientists and engineers to connect securely to the wellsite and beyond to the reservoir. This allows all team members to monitor operations and collaborate effectively for on time decision making. The PETROLINK solutions collect, aggregate, transmit, visualise, store and export all types of data acquired at the wellsite by all the different service companies
Range of services:

uses the underlying PetroVault database to collect, aggregate and store data in compliance with the Energistics WITSML industry data standard. The PetroVault Console provides a customisable user interface to display all types of data in real-time for on time collaborative decision making.

is the industry standard Digital Well File solution. PowerShare uses the PetroVault underlying database to deliver all static data acquired in the field to the user’s desktop. Geoscientists, engineers and managers are able to share, manage and categorise all types of data through a simple browser interface. It is an ideal solution for controlling the flow of data to joint venture partners and government agencies.

is a secure data exchange service based around the Energistics WITSML data standard. It allows real-time data acquired by any service company at any drilling rig anywhere in the world to be converted to WITSML and be made instantly available to the operator and any designated third party organisation, provided the designated access control has been granted.

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