Drilling and Well Completion
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Permanent Downhole Monitoring Solutions (PDG)
  • High Pressure High Temperature Gauges (High Temperature Up to 600°F. High Pressure Up to 30,000 psi)
  • Non-Electronic Mechanical Gauge
  • Industry’s Most Reliable Sensor (Longevity, High Accuracy & Best Resolution)
  • Multiple Communication Port
  • Shock & Vibration Resistance
  • 98% Reliability
  • Intelligent Well Interface Standardization compliant for subsea applications (IWIS)

NOSSB in association with PROMORE provides world most reliable well monitoring solutions which are critical to the successful implementation of Reservoir Management, Production Optimization and Enhanced Oil Recovery projects.

Our advanced surface electronics in conjunction with the unique and proprietary ERD sensor eliminates the need for downhole electronic components. This combination allows for marked achievement in both longevity / reliability and high temperature capability in extreme operating environments.

PROMORE is the only company that offers a sensor package capable of monitoring to 600°F or a sensor designed for a long term monitoring with proven track record since 1994 with performance reliability stands above 98%.

• MOREC (Casing Conveyed System)
• MORET (Tubing Conveyed System)
• MORES (Suspended system)
• PROFlow (Real-Time Flow Monitoring System)
• CT-MORE (Coil Tubing Conveyed System)

  • No downhole electronics
  • Industry leading realibility of 95%
  • Maximum temperature rating of 600 fahrenheit
  • Maximum pressure rating to 25,000 psi
  • Pressure accuracy of 0.03% FS
  • Resolution of 0.00005% FS
  • Maximum depth rating of 30,000 feet
  • Superior shock and vibration resistance
  • Slim hole sensor housing; 1.0” OD
MOREVision Data Acquisition System Features
  • “Automated Technician” feature constantly monitors system performance and sensor health
  • Dynamic sensor excitation feature, for automatic adjustment for conductor length, wire gauge and temperature
  • System loop resistance integrity detection
  • One second sample rate
  • Onboard memory storage, up to 128MB
  • Multiple communication ports
  • Industry standard communication protocols
  • Intelligent Well Interface Standardization (IWIS) compliant for subsea applications

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